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Posted Dec 26, 2015


Hey family and friends!

Silverado is so excited to introduce you to our team headed to Paraguay in just a week from today! We have been praying expectantly that God would provide the means necessary to make His name glorified and known through our efforts in Paraguay. Would you join in praying for us by name of the people below?

Our trip leaders:

Joe “Quatro” Dalton


Joe is the Director of Pine Cove Silverado, excited and humbled by the opportunity to see the ministry of Christian Camping used to change lives of campers and staff! His roots were grown in the great state of Texas, but he has enjoyed the experiences of living overseas (New Zealand) and on beautiful Lake Tahoe (Nevada) for several years. He enjoys being shaped by God in order to come alongside and equip others to communicate and illustrate the Gospel in laying down our lives for others.

Ashley “Eat It” Irvin


Ashley is the Women’s Director at Pine Cove Silverado and currently writing this blogpost. 😉 She hails from the land of magnolias and southern hospitality (Mississippi), but now calls(and loves) Texas home. Ashley is passionate about enabling others for success through guidance and focus on the truth of grace and who God is in our daily lives.


Our Team:

Tim “Tarzan” Williams

Tim Williams

Tim is a sophomore at the University of North Texas majoring in Kinesiology with a Spanish minor in the hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist. Tim’s passion is to make the most out of every gift, trial, and opportunity that God blesses him with.


Emily “Brasky” Hames

Emily Hames

Emily is from Bennington, Nebraska and goes to school at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln for Elementary Education and Special Education. Emily is passionate about her faith, children, Nebraska, and food.


Isabella “Doe” Kirchhoff


Isabella is a Junior at Texas Tech University majoring in Nutritional Sciences to become a registered dietitian. Isabella is passionate about her family, friends, health, and loving others well because she is so well loved!


Zane “BroTank” Johnson

Zane Johnson

Zane has been in school at Lamar University but is currently taking a break from classes. His excitement is through the roof for this trip to Paraguay! Zane is passionate about being there for people who don’t know much about Jesus and telling people about how awesome He is!


Jacob “Fore” Chastine

Jacob chastine

Jacob is a Sport Management major at Texas Tech University. He is passionate about Jesus, Texas Rangers baseball, and Texas Tech football! Jacob can pretty much tell you anything about Major League Baseball too!


Nadia “Switch” Sadri


Nadia is a Classical Studies major at the University of Texas at Austin. She is passionate about helping people realize their strengths and how valuable they are!


Meredith “Kno B” Bergwall


Meredith is a sophomore majoring in Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma. She is so overwhelmingly blessed in how the Lord has intertwined His will for her with Pine Cove in a much more beautiful way than she could have ever imagined! She is not most excited for how she would change these kids’ lives, but that through her Heavenly Father alone, they would change hers.

Jordan “Slash” Bishoff


Jordan is a junior at Texas A&M university and majoring in Biology. She is passionate about people. Jordan is most excited to see how the Lord moves in the short amount of time we have in Paraguay!

Olivia “Whenski” Shimkus

Olivia Shimkus

Olivia is from Colleyville, TX and worked as a wrangler at Silverado this summer. She is a junior at Texas A&M and a member of Crown of Life Lutheran Church.

Garrett “Middle Man” Bratton

Garrett Bratton

Garrett is a sophomore Criminal Justice major at Texas Tech University. He loves to listen to music and play guitar. Garrett also enjoys watching movies and hanging out with friends.


Claire “Cat Be” Huerta


Claire Huerta

Claire is a sophomore at Texas A&M University majoring in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. She is excited about being a part of this awesome team headed to Paraguay to spread God’s love there. This is her first mission trip and first time traveling to South America. Claire looks forward to the beautiful things God will do in and through us!

Now that you’ve met our team please join us in praying over our time while we are in Paraguay. We will be taking off early on January 2nd and back late on January 12th. Keep checking this blog as we post daily updates on our time and what God is doing in Paraguay each day we are there!

Specific things to pray as we prepare and go:

-That our team would be characterized by unity and love through the Gospel.

-That cultural barriers would not keep us from sharing God’s love with our campers.

-That God would work despite the language barriers for us to communicate with our camp staff and campers.

-That our campers’ hearts would be softened to hear and receive God’s grace and turn from their sin to trust in Him.

-Safety in our travel

-Divine creativity to guide us in our program and flexible and willing spirits to carry us through

-That God would continue to mold our hearts as we go and that we as a staff would grow even closer in our trust in Him while we serve.

-Pray for us by name as you feel led!

Praying expectantly and excitedly,

Ashley “Eat It” Irvin

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  1. Praying for safe travel & a successful outcome from this adventure for the children of Paraguay. It sounds like an outstanding group of young people. May God bless them, all.

  2. Praying with thanksgiving for all of you! I am so excited to see the amazing blessing from all of your hard work in the week to come!❤️