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Posted Jan 9, 2016

If you know me, you know a post with this title was bound to come soon! I love memories. I love reflecting and remembering. I love retelling stories of funny things or crazy events that happened.   
I love memories because they are reminders to me of God’s kindness. He reveals his goodness to us in such creative ways, and then also grants us the ability to recall these moments later in life! The good, the bad, the hilarious–memories represent a season of life, a friendship, a lesson learned. Memories are a way in which I personally recognize how God has been faithful before and He will be faithful again.  

  I’ve thought about this a lot over the past few days because TJ and I have had an absolute blast with our Timbers staff. This team is selfless, hard working, creative, and just a ton of fun. I’m so thankful that we get to spend 10 days with this crew (parents who are reading this-thanks for sharing them with us!). I’m sitting in an area above our cabins right now writing this and I can actually hear all of them laughing really hard right at this moment. Wish you all could hear what I’m hearing! 

All that to say, the past 7 days have provided me with countless moments that I don’t want to forget and so here are just a few of them: 

-Tiffany’s cabin says “meow” at least 100 times a day. In fact, her camper taught us all a “meow” song at camper share tonight. 

-Fulgham took Haley’s keychain off her backpack without her knowing and put it in the camp lost and found so Haley had to dance to a Spanish song at lunch to get it back. This made me LOL so hard. 

-The pool. It’s 2 hours of chaos and fun and exhaustion throwing campers around and getting tackled…and it’s a bit chilly. So each day once it’s time to get out we all run and lay on the warm concrete before going to get a snack at the snack shop.  

 -8 year old campers falling asleep in club and night games. Not just dozing off but literally sleeping. (They wake up at 5am so it’s a long day!) 

-Andrew celebrating that 4 campers in his cabin came to know Christ after club one night!  

-Singing and dancing with campers at 7am every morning and seeing all of our staff awake and smiling…not to mention the sun on the mountains at this time is stunning. 

-Riding Horses = guided, organized pony rides around an arena. I looked over and somehow Taylor was just galloping around on a horse by himself with no wrangler guiding him and he was just laughing. 

-Looking at the stars with our whole team last night, eating tootsie rolls and saying our goodbyes to Tracy (TJ’s sister). 

-Everyone trying to learn Spanish…everyday. This always brings me some great LOLs. TJ just adds an “o” to the end of every word he says. (Examples: lunchO, poolO, snackO). 

   I’m a list making kind of girl. I don’t like to forget things. So these are just a few of the many moments on my list from this trip that I don’t want to forget! These moments reminded me personally that God saw fit for each of these staff to come to Peru, so he made way to fund them each $2,450.00. The same God who orchestrated all of these details also holds tomorrow in his hands and that’s a comfort worth celebrating!  

We’ve got 3 days left together on our trip, bring on the fun! #makinmemz 

Katy “Bedazzle” Weidner

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your memories with us!! The ?’s and the ?’s

    Also…for anyone reading this (another parent or a staffer)…our itinerary is lost. Phone was behaving badly/had to get a new one/info was on old phone ? Need date/time/flight # PLEASE…thanks!!!

  2. Ahh Katy I have been waiting for this title!! Haha the best!

    Great stories and pictures- the meow one made me giggle.. And so great to hear what the Lord is doing there!! TJ’s Spanish sounds awesome. Can’t wait to hear that when he gets back.. Haha!

    Love you guys!! Have fun this weekend!

    PS- Andrew’s mom:: Their flight gets back on Tuesday Jan. 12th to DFW at 12:35pm. It’s Delta 2110 from Atlanta. ☺️

  3. Love this….. I can only imagine the memories the kids will carry with them from this time with all of you. And I wonder how the spanish accent sounds with the 0!
    Thank you for sharing today. Hugs to all and a special one for La.