Making our way back home…

Posted Jan 11, 2017

It’s 12am here and we are headed to the airport! It’s been a fantastic day together as a team and with our national staff. 

We started our day a little later and headed to a beautiful catholic retreat center to tour around and see the beautiful structures and paintings. There was such a peace about the place. Next we headed to a famous lake in Paraguay, Lake Ypacaray, to enjoy some lunch. We chowed down on some chicken sandwiches and potato salad and even had coke! Today was such a sweet time to just enjoy our time together and laugh and have fun with the national staff. 

Later we headed back to the hotel to hang out and play some futbol and sit by the pool. After we played our national staff left and we had some emotional goodbyes. We’ve grown to know and love them so much! 

We got to have our dinner together outside under the moon and stars and started to debrief our trip. It’s been so cool to hear the things God has done in our team. What a sweet treasure that God has impressed different lessons on our hearts while we served him this week. I sit in awe to think God calls broken vessels to serve and bring glory to Him and that while serving Him, He teaches us new things about Himself. What a big God we serve! 

Next we sat in a circle and took 2 minutes to encourage each of our teammates which was such a good way to cap our trip. 

There is much left to be processed but we are thankful and grateful and humbled to have been a small part of this experience. God is so cool. 

See you tomorrow Estados Unidos! 

Please pray for safe travels for us!!! 

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