When our staff went to sleep last night, we slept hard. We awoke to the sweet, sweet sound of children’s laughter and squeals of pure joy at 5:00 am. Rise and shine, and give God the glory, glory! Even at 5 am…. Ha! We were just as excited as them, once we got woken up! While the work crew got dressed and headed out to the pond for daily quiet time, we found that we were not alone! Campers were scheduled to wake up at 8 o clock this morning and do Bible Study shortly after they ate breakfast. However, these kids were so eager to start camp and learn about the Lord that they were spreading around the campsite at 7:30. What a joy to see!!

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They had a full day of activities today, consisting of, but not limited to: different games with the giant parachute, flag making for the individual cabins, arts and crafts, bomba and can-can, and archery. After three activity classes and some delicious lunch, the kids were worn out. We followed with a FOB, or Flat On Back, where our campers could catch some rest. Some campers loved the opportunity to take a nap, with Jayson being unable to wake his sleeping ninos, while other campers wanted to GO GO GO!

Our staffs bond with our new partners is growing ever closer! We started to exchange FaceBook info today, so I guess that means we are official! In Monkey Boy news: Trey and Beatriz accidentally lost Monkey Boy to the vicious monkey snatchers….stay tuned to see what happens next!

The camp was introduced to the spirit coconut today, which was painted and named “Coca de Loco” in an attempt to name it the crazy coconut. Unfortunately, it literally translates to Crazy Coke…awkward. Now the cabins are in a fierce spirit cheer off and the winner will be announced after dinner! After painting Coca, some of our staff got into the face paint and embraced their inner tribal characteristics!


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We also were able to get the Gospel written out in four steps and translated into Spanish. It was then re-written seventeen times and passed out to all of our counselors. Praise God! If our prayer warriors are reading, please pray for our staff to be bold and confident in the Lords anointing of them to do this work. Pray for our children to have soft hearts and be receptive to the Lords good news! Thank you so much for all the prayers and love we have gotten so far!

Picture to come soon!