Lost in Translation 

Posted Jan 6, 2017

We have been immersed in a new culture and language for 4 days now and let me say that we have come a long way. But it hasn’t been without OUR FAIR SHARE of speech blunders. 

Below I will capture some moments that made a lot of locals laugh at us and have had us cracking up at the end of long days. 

What Chris meant to say: Man verses man

What Chris actually said: Hand and hand

What Tuty meant to say: Her favorite color is turqouise

What Tuty actually said:Her favorite color is Turkies

What Katie B meant to say: She is 19

What Katie B actually said: She is 15-9

What Tuty meant to say: The juice is made from grinding up seeds

What Tuty actually said: The juice is made from grinding up seals

What Amber meant to say: I need napkins

What Amber actually said: I need beers

What Will meant to say: Emily has 4 sisters

What Will actually said: Emily has 4 daughters 

What Amber meant to say: I am hungry

What Amber actually said: I have a man

What Jenny meant to say: We have watermelon!

What Jenny actually said: We have sangria!

What Lizzie meant to say: Is it heavy?

What Lizzie actually said: Is it a fart?

What Dillon meant to say: Come here!

What Dillon actually said: How do you say?

Sooo yeah. That’s how the language barrier is going. 😉

We are rocking and rolling in day 2! I will update you on details later!

Until then,

Your Local Linguists

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  1. It was quite funny to Emily’s cousins in Maryland when I read the blog to them about Emily having 4 daughters instead of Emily having 4 sisters. Sending our prayers to Emily and her group.

  2. What a crew. This list of language mess ups provided some much needed entertainment at my family dinner, so thank you! I love that y’all are able to laugh at yourselves a little bit and are continuing to try to connect despite language barriers. PRESS ON.
    I mean it, you all are in my daily prayers. Remember that working for the Lord is never in vain. High five the person next to you right now because you’re doing great, and regardless of how well you know Spanish, you can all understand a high five. Thinking of this sweet PC fam!

  3. I was praying tonight for y’all that your language blunders and any small ticks and funny reminders would be long held ebenezers for the work god is doing through y’all and was reminded of our opening day chants: not to us, not to us but to His name be the glory. Praying y’all continue to speak Truth to those kids and have Truth spoken into you through their reactions, one another, and the locals you’re working with there. And praising God for the glory brought to Him through your service.
    All my love,