Lost in Translation

Posted Jan 9, 2016

What would a trip be without an extensive list of our speech blunders? So here you go…

What Mitch meant to say: I like to hunt

What Mitch actually said: I like to get married 

What Jenny meant to say: Hello monkey 

What Jenny actually said: Hello hand

What Taylor W. meant to say: What’s your name?

What Taylor W. actually said: How I love you

What one of the locals tried to say: Coleman, can I change my shirt?

What she actually said: Coleman, take your shirt Off?

What Bailee meant to say: He is tired.

What Bailee actually said: He is dream.

What Amanda meant to say: I am hungry

What Amanda actually said: I have a man

What Alli meant to say: Goodnight!

What Alli actually said: Good morning!

What Drake meant to say: I am hot (temperature)

What Drake actually said: I am sexy

What Amanda meant to say: Seven tickets

What Amanda actually said: Sit down!

What Taylor W. meant to say: You’re a monkey

What Taylor W. actually said: I am monkies

Local: I need tape

Jenny: *holds up masking tape*

Local: no, I need tape *walks away*

And finally…

What Coleman meant to say: I am cool

What Coleman actually said: I am a dirty baby cow 

We finished camp, said bye to our little ninos, ate at Pizza Hut, and have spent the afternoon playing games at our hostal. All is well!
Signing out,

Your favorite gringos

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  1. RT Austin Burch haha

    I look forward to these posts every year!! Have fun touring and we’ll see y’all soon!