Well we are wrapping up day three of camp here in Panama and after last night’s events, I’m pretty sure we are all 110% ready to go hard for our last couple of days with these awesome kids and in this beautiful camp.

The excitement all began during the nightly worship session. As we praised the Lord with incomprehensible screams, insane (well typical PC) dancing and in a language that we had no clue as to what was being sung, we started to repeat a traditional PC chant in Spanish, “mandalo que que mandalo que que tu espiritu santo mandalo.” (We were asking God to send down his Holy Spirit for all those non-Spanish speakers out there.) Then when we thought things were just about to slow down, one of the Panamanian leaders had all the Pine Cove staffers come to the front and we were prayed over by the campers and the staff. We all had tears in our eyes as the “amen” were said. It wasn’t over yet thought. As soon as the prayer had concluded, the chant “olay olay olay olay Pine Cove Pine Cove” was raised up. After feeling so much love like that, we thought, “man, it’s only the second night!”

The next thing on the agenda for the night was a treasure hunt. The kids were running around the campgrounds in search of their next clue when suddenly every light in the entire vicinity went errrrrrrrrrrpphhhcshhh and we were thrust into complete and utter darkness. (Let’s pause for dramatic effect here.) It was totally silent… for about half a second, before the screams of children filled the Panamanian air. “Okay so now what,” we thought as we scrambled to round everyone up on la cancha, the basketball court. Not knowing how long we would be without power or how detrimental it was we decided to fill the time with some classic Panama cheers and dances. Once we ran out of those we resorted to translating some PC cheers. The hit of the night was “y leche.” The kids ate. it. up. Well I guess we should say drank it up since it was a cheer about milk. Just imagine all of us jumping and yelling about milk in Spanish. Entertaining pandemonium is what it was.

We came back to our staff meeting amped up because one of the best times we had had was on a dark basketball court outside shouting about milk and other random items for who knows how long. Brooke asked one of her campers what she was learning this week and her response was that the powerless night was her favorite and she learned that it doesn’t matter what you have because Jesus is enough. How cool is that?

The Lord definitely knew how to get our attention and humble us. So even though we went to bed in the dark and as dirty as could be after an entire day of camp in Panama, we had the biggest and most supernatural adrenaline fix. Only God knows what could happen next here in Cermeno, Panama, but we’re all ready for the ride.

God’s Blessings,

Karsyn “Bedhead” White