Lights! Campers! ACTION!

Posted Jan 8, 2018

Campers are back! The Lord provided 37 campers today and we were pumped to welcome them! And apparently they were excited to get here because they showed up 2 hours early! We were ready and jumped right in! We split into cabins and played some games to get to know each other until lunch time. After lunch we did activity classes and got to introduce some camp favorites like zorb ball and ultimate football. It’s not every day you get to

play games in front of the mountains!

Another fun thing from today- a Christian tv news station caught wind that Pine Cove was in Guatemala and they came to interview a few campers, see our activity classes, and Will and Catherine even got interviewed! Stay tuned for the TV appearance!

Tonight we ate “shucos” or hot dogs for dinner and then had a Pine Cove dance party. The high schoolers LOVED our dances and I’m pretty sure we could have danced all night. It was awesome.

We’re headed to a fire, then a night game, and then will finish off the night with pool time! It’s a packed night but we’re excited!!

We’re thanking the Lord for his provision in bringing campers to camp today! You can be praying for our first full day with campers tomorrow, that we would be intentional and continue to form unity!

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  1. Jan 8th

    Yay! Yay!
    Go God!
    37 campers!!!!

    He is our PROVIDER…of all things!

    Breathe in His freshness.
    Look up at the night sky.
    See the stars….. God winks!

    Keep smiling for Jesus.

    Big, fat, long HUGS to you beautiful people!!!!

    🙂 La-shea

  2. Wow! Great pics! Sounds like you all are doing amazing. A TV interview?!? Definitely should ask for a recording if you can get it. The Lord is faithful, and it’s awesome to read how he is providing everything you need. Time is going by so quick!

  3. Oh my goodness, you were on the Guatemalan news!!! Send me a link if you ever see one!

    So thankful for campers showing up and early nonetheless!

    Also, those photos look so good… 😉