Our team made it to Dallas and we just finished orientation. We are excited! We are about to try to catch a few hours of sleep before we head out early on Tuesday morning.

We will be posting on this blog every day! Please leave comments for us, as we will read them aloud every day! We would love to hear from you guys!

Here is our flight info:

United Airlines 570 1/3/2017 Dallas – DFW Houston – IAN 6:39 AM 7:51 AM

United Airlines 1441 1/3/2017 Houston – IAN San Salvador – SAL 9:27 AM 12:27 PM

Return flight:

United Airlines 1467 1/12/2017 San Salvador – SAL Houston – IAN 7:37 AM 10:42 AM

United Airlines 3406 1/12/2017 Houston – IAN Dallas – DFW 12:50 PM 2:08 PM

Pray for safe travels for us! We will let you know when we arrive!