Hey Everybody! Things here are continuing to go well. Yesterday was the hottest day yet, so all of camp took a little extra siesta, and more time in the pool! We are still playing lots of futbol, and our staff are getting better each day, so the campers love to play staff vs. campers. And our staff have loved celebrating scoring a goal in Argentina!

Last night was International Night, and there were several presentations of songs and dances from different countries. For dinner we had a very typical dish in Argentina, chorizo, which is very similar to sausage with many different sauce options. For dessert we had a slice of queso with sweet potato gelatin on top.

This morning camp slept in a little later, but our staff got up early to watch the sunrise here in Argentina,
“Argentinian sunrise = proof that God is faithful.
Niños running from me = proof my Chacos stank.” -Meredith


Here are a few more quotes from the Argentina Squad of what we have learned from our time here.

“My words can’t be translated but God’s love needs no translation.” -Nick

I’ve always been told “always do ministry when necessary…usas palabras.” -Michael

“In the morning, saying “wakey wakey eggs and bakey” just won’t get the ninos up but bugs constantly will #nowordsnoworries #bugsfordays”. -Austin

“I have a lot to be thankful for: strength and energy from the Lord and essential oils from Annie.” -Megan

“I would have a quote but I am typically more loquacious than tweets.” -Annie

“What I have learned is that Christ-powered love does not need translation. Loving people in the name of Jesus transcends all communication barriers.” -Ryan