Yesterday was our last day of camp! Los niños left after breakfast and it was amazing to see just how close we had gotten to the campers. There were many tears, t-shirts, gifts, and letters exchanged.

Lorena, one of the CCI instructors, shared an email with me from one of the churches that sent many of their kids to camp. Part of the email said that the kids had been transformed. That the children were impacted by their counselors from Argentina and Pine Cove. It was amazing to get to work along side of the staff here for the glory of the Lord.

After the kids left, we had our day of tourism! First we went to eat some typical food from Argentina, lomo.

Then we went and swam in el frío río.

Next we went to a supermarket, mall and an artisan market and got some souvenirs and of course some yierva mate! Afterwards we went back to camp and they taught us about the culture of Argentina with asado for dinner and salsa dancing. We had an incredible time with the Argentina team. (More photos to come when we have a better internet connection)

It was so hard to say goodbye this morning. We all left a part of us in Argentina and have been changed because of our time there. If you know anyone who went on this trip, be sure to ask them what the Lord has done in their lives and in the lives of others so we can continue to praise His name. Our God is all powerful, all knowing, and always present.