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Last Day of Camp

Posted Jan 8, 2017

If my 1000 mosquito bites could talk they’d speak Spanish. 
Unveiled. Vulnerable. Beautiful. Overflowing. Victorious. Those are just a few words to describe the love of the Lord I see so clearly in the Peruvian staff. Yesterday from afar I watched as Lucy, a female Peruvian counselor who I get the joy of working with a second year, pray with her cabin. As I intently watched her I couldn’t help but fully capture the beaming emotions from her face. I could hardly hear her and much less understand her, yet her genuine thanksgivings and pleas rang loud to me. Through Lucy’s face and actions I see the Lord so evidently. She smiles and nods displaying that this gift of communication with the Lord is the sweetest gift she’s received, and I merely saw her face. Oh I wish I could hear Lucy’s prayers. I no doubt believe they are unveiled, vulnerable, beautiful, overflowing and victorious. So this so called “language barrier” is no barrier at all because Jesus can work regardless and in Lucy more so than any English speaking human I know I see Jesus displayed in her facial expressions and behavior. 
As I write this I’m sitting at our bonfire with smores for camper share time. I’m listening to camper after camper stand up and share what they have learned this week and although I can’t catch a word I’m excited due to the quantity of campers speaking and the clapping and rejoicing after each one speaks. I trust God has worked in these campers lives this week. To close the skit today the evil King Queso died by sol (aka sunlight) and the campers got their pool back phew. We made bracelets and danced to our favorite worship song “tanto”. Tonight we threw a grande fiesta and had a talent show. The cabins worked all week on their talent and we saw skits, dances (choreographed and not so choreographed), singing and lots of silliness. As the week comes to a close goodbyes are anticipated and dreaded. We share a bond with the campers and the Peruvian and American staff have become like family. As hard as it is to leave I’m challenged to follow the Lord’s example I see in Lucy and continue to fervently be in prayer for the campers, the staff and Peru. 

Fulgham Bell

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  1. So crazy today is your last day with campers! Loved hearing these stories, Fulgham! Thanks for sharing. I bet that talent show was so fun!!

    Praying you guys get to have some rest today and some time to process well with the Lord of all the things He has been teaching each of you!

  2. Beautifully written Fulg! So encouraged by what the Lord is doing and reminded of His sovereignty through Lucy’s example… thanks so much for sharing! Praying for you friends!!