Last night at the national team meeting, the staff was so thankful for the chance to celebrate. One of our leaders, Mallory, tricked the staff into thinking they were in trouble. They thought she was much more intimidating than our associate director, Nick. So when they found out they were actually having a coke party, they were really excited! The nationals shared that it had been a difficult day, and that the encouraging notes came at such a sweet time for them. They said in leaving camp they are so excited to apply what they’ve learned and continue to live a lifestyle of “no se trata de mi”.

Today the campers had their last bible study and activity class. Currently, we are packing our bags for this afternoon. After lunch, we will have a time of camper share and then head back to the hostel for our last night in El Salvador. Please be praying for the campers to be bold and courageous to share what they have learned and also for our staff that they will love on and serve these campers well through the very last minute! We are thankful to have seen God’s hand of blessing over all we have done and grateful for your support every step of the way.

Keep following our last few updates before we arrive in Dallas Sunday afternoon!