¡Hola! Julia “Tweet P” Woodby here! Our first full day of camp is complete!   

 Peru is BEAUTIFUL! We got to start enjoying the view of the mountains bright and early at 5am this morning, as that is the time the campers typically wake up. 

 This morning, our team felt refreshed to finally have a night of good sleep after so much traveling.   

 After eating an incredible breakfast of fresh bread with jelly, and this cream-of-wheat/milk-sort-of drink, we were ready to take on the day.     

During activity classes, I was able to use some of the Spanish I’ve been learning at school to teach games and give a spiritual application. One of my favorite parts of today was hearing the kids say the sweetest prayers at the end of our activity.


  I also was able to help translate during our skit at lunch! (I’m Zoë, the Zebra, but don’t tell the campers, okay?) This afternoon consisted of a Bible Study, giant Peruvian pool-party, and a few minutes of much-needed down-time.  Honestly, this trip has been so humbling, in the best way. For me, it has been a great reminder that our God deserves the glory for all things. I’m thankful that He has given me a propensity for Spanish, and on this trip, it has been so sweet for me to use it, but I also realize that there’s no way I could understand and speak on my own knowledge without that gift that he’s given me. Even the fact that the Lord invented different languages is crazy when you really think about it. 

 Every time I look up here, we are surrounded by mountains and they are proclaiming His glory in the most beautiful way. With hundreds of languages in the world, and mountains that I could never even climb, I feel small and insignificant. Yet, God chooses to use me.  

Thank you so much for your prayers for our team! We were happy to get a few minutes together to laugh and encourage each other tonight as a team. 

Please continue to pray for energy, safety, and God to continue to move — for our team, and our Peruvian partners here (they’re wonderful!)


Hasta mañana!