It’s our last full day of camp :(

Posted Jan 9, 2018

Well this is our last full day of camp! I am shocked again that this session is almost over. But as I think back to this session and day it has been full!

We woke up this morning to find out that Alabama won the college football championship. The game started at 10pm our time and ended past 2am so needless to say we didn’t stay up to find out who won hahah.

We had a breakfast that consisted of bread slices with jelly, butter, or caramel type stuff on them. I will also say that we’ve had bread at almost every meal haha.

Then we had quiet time around camp and it was great to sit in God’s creation and dwell on what we’ve been learning in our time in Paraguay.

Other highlights of the day was a time where the campers went around to different station games with slack line, volleyball, knockout, and ninja/swords. We loved seeing them jump into new games and have fun! We also got to watch the sunset over the river and hear a talk from the leader Marco about God’s creation and how we are a part of it!

Since I am on the program staff we are a little more behind the scenes and so we’ve had the privilege of serving camp so that things run smoothly. It’s been a lot of moving chairs and tables for different activities and meals. As well as helping their leadership answer questions and the program. It’s been a blast to see camp run so well and honestly a blessing. I’m so encouraged to think how God is working here and will be in the future.

There are staffers here from Paraguay and Argentina which is across the river from us. This makes it even a more clear picture for us that God doesn’t just speak English or live in America. But instead we are all God’s children and loves us so well!!

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