It’s a Pizza Party Yo!

Posted Jan 10, 2018

Wow! I can’t believe it’s almost our last day here in Guatemala! We told our campers bye this morning and it was bittersweet. This whole goodbye thing is getting harder and I don’t want to think about how hard it will be come Friday! We had some sweet time with our cabins and then jumped as the bus left to take them back into town.

This afternoon we hung out with the Guatemalan counselors for a while and it was so fun. We played the jump rope game from last night with just us and we finally beat it, and beat it several times!! After that we played soccer, USA vs Guatemalans and we tied 5-5! Tonight the nationals treated us to a masquerade pizza dinner. We’re packing our stuff and getting ready to head to Antigua tomorrow for our tourist day. While we’re sad to leave camp, we are pumped to see what Guatemala looks like outside the walls- we haven’t seen much of the city yet!

You can be praying for our goodbyes tomorrow night and that we will have great, safe time tomorrow in Antigua!

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  1. Jan. 10th
    10:00 pm

    What an awesome chapter that God has written in your story.

    Prayers for hearts to proclaim Him.

    Keep smiling for Jesus!

    Prayers for safety!

    Love y’all.

  2. I can’t believe that you guys are about to be coming home either! NUTS! Enjoy the last few hours of time together. Remember, don’t cry cause it’s over, smile cause it happened.

  3. Wow what an adventure! Praying for your remaining time in Guatemala and the relationships you’ve built. Praying for time to process all the Lord has done in and through you these past few days. Get home safe friends!!

  4. Yay, proud of you guys for a job well done. I cannot wait to hear all about what God has been doing and teaching you. Praying for a fun, safe day of touring today and safe travels home!

  5. Wow. So crazy how fast it goes. These are some great pics too! Praying for all of you and the processing that will be taking place in coming hours and days. See you soon!