Introducing Your Favorite Team

Posted Dec 21, 2015

In the spirit of Christmas we want to bring you great gifts! This first one will be you getting to meet all of the people going to El Salvador for Commission Camping this year. We are made up of two different Camp in the City teams, Team Boulder and Team Frontier! Most of us know each other from the summer, but we know that most of you following this blog and our trip to El Salvador do not know everyone. So here is your chance to meet them.

To get us started, meet the trip leaders, Garret Ward and Davis Buchanan!

Garret Ward

  • I have visited El Salvador 3 times before with Commission Camping
  • The ER room has seen me 7 times…
  • I do everything right handed except play pool

Davis Buchanan

  • I have visited Buchanan Castle in Scotland
  • I have seen U2 twice, once in Dublin, Ireland
  • My primary brand loyalty is to Patagonia

Casey Risinger

  • I grew up with cows everywhere
  • I ran from the cops when I was 13, no big deal
  • I’ve spent a lot of time in Brazil on mission trips but never in Central America

Lauren Cunningham

  • My home is Georgia (northeast) & long for the mountains on the reg.
  • I have a twin sister named Lindy; we are like night and day.
  • I work for Pine Cove’s IWS program & I get to work with some kewl animals. My favorites so far are Monty, our ball python, & our newest addition our bamboo sharks!

Rohit Rajendran

  • I played the bagpipes in a world championship bagpipe band and competed in Glasgow for the world championships twice.
  • I have traveled to over 30 countries.
  • Driving in general is my favorite.

Kathryn Cohen

  • I can make balloon animals
  • I have a twin sister named Megan who is 10 minutes older than me
  • I wear a contact in one eye only

Austin Murray

  • I study opera
  • My mom is a movie director
  • I love Star Wars too much

Hannah Rudder

  • I each chocolate special K cereal out of a mug almost every night before bed.
  • My special talent is looking at an object and seeing multiple purposes for it.
  • I once fixed my friend’s bike tire with butter knifes.

Caleb Wilkins

  • Currently I am the top Collegiate disc golfer in Texas, also the team captain of the state champion Aggie disc golf team.
  • I played soccer for 14 years
  • I’ve been to Honduras 3 times for missions but this is my first time commission camping!

April Kinney

  • I live about 50 yards from the Blanco river in San Marcos. Needless to say this is where I spend a majority of my time.
  • I hate coffee but own at least 20 coffee mugs.
  • Tevas > Chacos

Jared Shaffer

  • I am from New York
  • I love Star Wars
  • I am really really good at stacking things

Karly Manuel

  • I love to cook, especially experimental cooking
  • I really enjoy being out in nature, but for some reason I become a real klutz every time I go outside, doesn’t stop me though!
  • I’m an artist, getting my BFA in printmaking.

Austin Foster

  • I’m a “jeeper.” I own a ’98 Grand Cherokee and I’m obsessed with working on it and taking it off road.
  • My best buddy is my dog Duke. he’s half German Shepard/half husky. He’s always down to hang out.
  • I love to play soccer. I’ve played since I was five.

Kinsey Featherston

  • My favorite city in the world is Washington DC
  • I’ve never broken any bones but I have torn all the ligaments in my left ankle.
  • I once did 97 high-kicks in a row for a high-kick competition on my dance team.

Taylor Lahey

  • My last mission trip I was a part of we got the chance to go to Greece
  • Both my arms don’t fully extend
  • I love old 80s and 70s movies!

Raizel San Miguel

  • I have bieber fever
  • I have a twin sister who is my best friend!
  • This is my first mission trip!

Cody Gonzales

  • I love all sports! Pick one, I’ll play!! Favorites are rugby, soccer, and basketball!
  • Seriously dislike sitting around without actively thinking about or doing something! Very few exceptions to that!
  • I have had multiple diagnosed concussions, broken bones, and stitches! Mostly because of sports, but occasionally a “Hey, watch this!!” Moment happens!

Micah Kaemmerling

  • I’ve never been out of the country before.
  • I’ve delivered 2 babies.
  • I played quints on my Highschool drumline for 3 years and was drum captain one year.

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