Introducing the Team

Posted Jan 3, 2018

Hey everyone! It is currently 4:07am and our team is waiting at DFW airport for our flight to Miami.

But while we’re waiting for the adventure to begin I want to take time to introduce our squad….

Baylee “Stealth-A-Scope” Owen is from Moore, Oklahoma. She attends Oklahoma Baptist University’s nursing school. She worked the past 2 summers at the Woods and attended commission camping to El Salvador last January. She has been skydiving and has swam with sea lions!!

Emily “Kitten Kadoodle” Linsky is a sophomore at Oklahoma State University from Duncan, Oklahoma. She is majoring in Human Development and Family Science and minoring in Religious Studies. Emily has worked two summers at the Woods as a CIT, photographer, and wrangler. She has been a camper at the Woods since she was 11 years old and this is her second year doing Commission Camping!

Garret “Remember the Ala-Bro” Hyden is from Dallas, TX and just graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies. He worked this past summer at Pine Cove as a Boat Driver at the Bluffs. During the winter months he hunts with his family and shoots archery. He is looking forward to seeing what God does in El Salvador.

Kathryn “Mumsy” Miller is from Shreveport, Louisiana and she just graduated from Louisiana Tech University. She has worked at the Woods for the past 3 summers and has been a camper for 15! Last summer she dislocated her knee while cleaning toys in Cove Kids. How is that possible you ask? She doesn’t even know! She just graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in child development. She is SO excited to see how the Lord will move in El Salvador amongst the people there and our own team.

Clay Burke (Froggy) is from Wichita, KS. He goes to school at Kansas State University and is majoring in Finance with a minor in Economics. He worked at Pine Cove for Timbers and Bluffs this past summer as a boat driver. A fun fact about Clay is that he played collegiate soccer and has two chocolate labs. He is pumped to see how God uses imperfect people to share and proclaim His perfect and endless love for all people.

Will “Jelly-Time” Scherer is from Allen, Texas. He has worked at camp for the past three summers. He is majoring in Agricultural Leadership & Development & is minoring in Agronomy and Ag-Econ at Texas A&M. He’s been skydiving, Rocky Mountain climbing, and has gone 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Machu. He is excited to be used by the Lord in El Salvador and is thankful for the opportunity to serve.

Natalie “Emoji” Buzan is a senior nursing major at Oklahoma Baptist University. She has worked at the Bluffs the past three summers, and this is her second trip to El Salvador! She loves all things coffee and chocolate and is pumped to see what the Lord does through this trip.

Amber “Grooves” Goodrum is from Fort Worth, Texas. She is a Christian Studies major concentrating on missions, with a minor in International Business at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor. She has worked at Pine Cove for 3 summers and will be going back for a 4th! Amber enjoys doing anything outside, whittling, going to concerts, and traveling. And just for fun: she has swam from South Carolina to Georgia and has been tackled to the ground by Tedashi’s wife! This will be her second trip to El Salvador and she’s excited to learn more about the people there and see God move in BIG ways in the hearts of campers!

Meredith “Peel Out” Hammontree is from Greenbrier, Arkansas. She is currently pursuing a nursing degree. She has worked at Pine Cove Bluffs for 2 summers and enjoyed every moment of it! Meredith also does really cool tricks with bananas (hence the camp name.)

Hannah “Pip” McKeon is a from Houston, TX, and is a junior English major at Texas A&M University. She has worked at the Pine Cove Woods for the past 2 summers and is excited for a 3rd. Hannah has memorized the first 40 digits of Pi and can not forget them no matter how hard she tries. This has not been beneficial to her thus far, however it is a good conversation starter.

Taylor “Roctober” Gembol is from Corpus Christi, TX and now lives with his wife Brianna in Tyler, TX. He started May of 2017 as the Men’s Director at the Woods and spent the three summers prior to that on summer staff at the Shores. He graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Recreation Administration. Taylor loves adventure, laughter, and new opportunities. He is passionate about missions and looks forward to seeing the Lord work through this team and impact the lives of all that are involved with this trip.

Lauren “Kansas” Sikes graduated from Baylor University with a master’s degree in education. After teaching high school for two years, she came to Pine Cove to participate in the Forge program. She now works as part of Pine Cove’s Retreats Team, and has spent the past two summers as the Bluffs’ Girls Senior Counselor. Lauren loves intentional convos and a good cup of coffee. She is pumped to get to serve the Lord and the people of El Salvador alongside such a rockstar team!

Chris “Hip Shot” Sherrod has served as the Bluffs family camp director since 2007. He graduated from Auburn University before receiving a Masters in Religion from Liberty University. Chris and his wife Katie have eight children. This is his fourth Commission Camping trip.

And I am Lexus “Sparkles” DeLoach. I graduated from Texas A&M University with the extremely useful degree of Classical History. I currently serve as the Women’s Director at the Pine Cove Woods and think the perfect day includes a trip to the closest Waffle House. I can usually be found drinking copious amounts of coffee and cannot wait to partner with our friends in El Salvador to further share the gospel.

Live footage from the wait:

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