Introducing…the SQUAD!

Posted Dec 30, 2015






Hello everybody!  Below you will see all the members of our team!  In just a few days, we will take off for El Salvador!  Our trip is a first year trip, meaning that the local team has never seen us do camp before.  We are very excited to have this opportunity to teach them all about camp, although I am sure that we are going to learn plenty as well! 😉  Stay tuned for all of our adventures!  Also, please leave comments on the blog and I will read them daily to our team!  Most importantly, please be praying for our trip (health, safety, language barrier, etc.) and that the Gospel would be proclaimed through all that we do!


Coleman Ross, Trip leader

My name is Coleman “Busta” Ross and I am the Men’s Director at the Bluffs. I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in General Business. I am married to my beautiful wife, Mckenzie, who I actually met at camp! This is not my first time to Latin America, but my first time to El Salvador. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports, spending time with friends, and eating ice cream.


Jenny Sowers, Trip leader & blogger

My name is Jenny “Whistle Toe” Sowers and I am the Women’s Director at the Woods. This will be my third time to go to El Salvador and I am so excited to go back to such a beautiful country with the most generous and kind people. I am an English graduate of the University of Oklahoma. Boomer! I love traveling, adventures, sports, laughing, and Sooner football. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for this trip!

Amanda Fiveash

My name is Amanda “Ocho” Fiveash. I am a Senior at Oklahoma State University studying accounting. This will be my first time to Latin America and my first time on a mission trip. I love just being with my friends – one of our favorite things to do is go to concerts. I also love playing sports and ran my first half marathon last year. So excited I get to serve in El Salvador!


My name is Drake “Gigglypuff” O’Bryant . I have worked at Pine Cove Bluffs, where I served as a counselor and boat driver this past summer and will be Wild Woods Senior Counselor summer 2016. I was formally a Music Education major at The University of Alabama (Roll Tide) but am taking some time off and next fall will hopefully be attending Highlands College in Birmingham, Alabama to pursue a degree in Student Ministry. This is my first time going to Latin America but I am STOKED about what the Lord has in store for our trip to El Salvador. I have 5 brothers and sisters and enjoy playing frisbee, church league softball, playing drums in my church worship band and watching Alabama win at football.


My name is Emily “YoRed” Dewerse, I’m a Biblical Studies major at the College at Southwestern Seminary. I plan to go into full time children’s ministry when I graduate, hopefully with a focus on adoption & orphan ministry. This is my third time on a mission trip in Latin America, but my first time to go to El Salvador. I’m thrilled to be combining my love for camp life & missions through commission camping!


My name is Alli “ProThrow” Brasuell and I am a Junior at LSU studying child and family studies! This is my first year going to Latin America and I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to do through our team!!


My name is Bailee “Pearly” Callens and I’m from Bullard, TX. I am currently a senior at the University of Arkansas planning to graduate in May from nursing school and currently waiting for the Lord to open doors on what step to take following that! I love traveling, anything that involves being outside, and college football. Oh, and I love laughing. A lot. This will be my first time in Latin America and I’m stoked for this opportunity!


My name is Andrew “Dugatti” Rogers, I go to Texas A&M University and I am majoring in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology. I enjoy building things and almost any outdoor activity.

Olivia Stanton

My name is Olivia “Mixup” Stanton.  I grew up in a small town in Texas and now attend Texas A&M University as a Business major.  I’m one of the middle children of a family of 8.  Some of my favorite things are soccer, hiking, and taking a good nap.


My name is Will “Jelly Time” Scherer. I go to Texas A&M University. This is not my first time in Latin America because I have family from Peru! In my spare time, I enjoy basketball, camping, and adventurous things!


My name is Taylor “C-Smack” Bump. I attend the University of Texas at Austin and am an Education major. This is not my first time to Latin America! My hobbies include reading, painting, journaling, and playing volleyball.


My name is Mitch “Rollin in the Dough” Hunt. I am a junior at Oklahoma State and studying Entrepreneurship. I’m from Fairview, TX and this will be my first trip to Central America! In my spare time I enjoy hunting, watching sports, and hanging out with my friends!


My name is Christina “C-Falls” Ward. I attend Baylor University and am a Theater Performance major. I’m a senior and am super involved in the theater department at Baylor as well as my sorority Pi Phi. I grew up going to Pine Cove my whole life and had the privilege to work there for three summers! This is my third time to go to Latin America! I can’t wait help other communities set up camps and be blessed with this ministry!


My name is Paul “Man in the Mirror” Messmann. I’m attending Texas A&M University and study Industrial Distribution. This is not my first time to Latin America; I went to Brazil in 2012 to observe some mission work. My hobbies include playing piano and guitar, going camping, and producing short films with friends. I currently have a job teaching music lessons in Bryan, Texas.

Taylor W

Taylor “Chops” Weems attends the University of Louisiana at Monroe and is in her second semester of Nursing School student. It is her first time to travel to latin America. She loves to read, spend time with family, exercise, and hike beautiful natural places. She enjoys all things travel and history.


My name is Johnathan “Amado “McCary and I attend Texas A&M University and my major is Construction Science. Is this my first time to El Salvador? No, this will actually be my fifth time to El Salvador. I have been there before to visit my family who live in San Salvador as well as in Santa Ana. My hobbies: Guitar, hiking, mountain biking, frisbee, camping, just doing stuff outside. Fun Fact: I speak and understand Spanish pretty well.

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  1. YAYAYAYAYA!! Oh my goodness, what an epic, solid squad! Praying for safety, energy, and hearts overflowing with love as y’all travel to El Salvador. Please take lots of pictures, drink lots of water, and have a great time. I can’t wait to hear about the amazing things the Lord does through y’all. What a great opportunity to step out in faith and practice boldness. I’m thankful for y’all’s servant hearts. Love you guys!!!

  2. Yay!!! I love hearing how excited y’all are and I am so so pumped to hear what the Lord does through each and every one of you.