Heidi Snachez is one of our counselors with us this week. She has worked with us for 2 summers and has a great desire to work with kids and love on them. She was pumped about coming on this trip and knew that The Lord had great plans for her in these 10 days in Honduras. She knows a good amount f Spanish and is able to communicate fairly well with her counselor and campers this week. Because of this, her burden for communication with her campers has been on a different level than the rest of us. She knew that most of them did not know Jesus from what they were saying and how they treated one another. As she was sharing this I could tell that all she wanted was to be able to relate and have the correct words to show her kids Jesus. She shared this with our group earlier this week and none of us had any idea how to encourage or help except prayer and the very words of God. As we prayed for all of the campers at camp we were reminded that this week, nor any week of camp whether it is in America or Honduras or anywhere else, God is the only one who is in control and he is the one that transforms hearts. Amen.

A day or two has gone by since that conversation and I would have never imagined how much growth has taken place. Three of the girls in Heidi and Dalia’s cabin have accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. On top of that, Brandon informed us yesterday that about 50% of that campers have given their lives to The Lord and have chosen to follow him! What?! How cool that we had no idea any of this was going on, but God did. We can’t always understand what the kids are communicating, but God can. We are not, but He is I Am. Lives are being transformed, God is being glorified, and a lot of fun is being had!

It has been raining for 2 days now which is an answered prayers here in Honduras. It typically very hot here and so they continue to pray for rain and cool weather. They have received BOTH this week! This is quite funny for us as we were expecting in to be hot and came prepared with shorts and sunscreen. We look like some “loco gringos” is what our co-counselors keep telling us.

Today is the last full day of camp which is crazy for us to think about. We are loving every bit of today and taking every moment we can t connect, love on, and speak into these campers. Please be praying for their hearts and minds to continue to soak in and receive the very words of God. I have loved seeing the passion that their leaders have for speaking into their kids lives and the heavy burden they have for their salvation. I personally have been learning a lot in that area by just watching and listening as much as possible.

After campers leave tomorrow we will have a Tim altogether with our Honduran and American counselors to rest and evaluate. This will be much needed rest for everyone and a cool time to hear what all happened this week with the campers.

Please continue praying for safety and health for us all. Everyone is doing well and staying strong! Thank you all for the prayers and support we are hoping to get more pictures up once we go into town for tourism and shopping! We will keep you updated along the way!