Mission Trips



Posted Jan 6, 2018

It finally happened!

The campers have arrived!! Let me tell you, they are FULL of joy!! As they arrived, we had a big welcome that started with the gauntlet and ended with a dance party! Their joy is extremely contagious and we are so thankful that they have all arrived to camp safely.

As we continued to get the day started, the language barrier was immediately torn down (if it was ever there in the first place). We have quickly realized that although we are very limited by our language, the Lord is not limited at all!! He has blessed us with unity, regardless of not being able to fully understand each other.

The first bible study of the week kicked off after our much needed siestas!! The campers are learning that we must always put God first, or Dios es primero! It’s so cool to see this applied here in Panama. Because we have put the Lord first in our lives, there is no real barrier dividing us. Praise God!

We ask that you keep praying for open hearts, open minds and open ears. We are expectant that the Lord has big things in store for this week! We can’t wait to continue sharing some of the awesome stories and fun pictures throughout our time here!

MUCHAS GRACIAS to everyone that was a part of getting us here! We can’t say thank you enough!! Your contribution was not for us, but for them! As we keep chanting, “no se trata de mí”!

¡Buenas noches!

Bailee Bruce

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  1. To Gis be the Glory! So proud and Happy for the young adults being an took for God! God Bless All! Safe Travels!

    Hayden’s Mom!

  2. Hey Pinecove Panama staff,
    We are praying for you this week that you would put a face on the love and grace of Jesus for the campers you are working with this week. Also we are praying that you would be bold for the gospel, that your joy would be contagious, and that you would see many campers come to know the Lord for the first time and grow in Him.
    Have a great week!
    (Brandon’s mom)