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Hola Panama!

Posted Jan 3, 2016

Family and friends we have made it to Panama! We are currently through customs, have met our group translator Oliver, went to dinner and are now at the hotel we will be staying at tonight. Then camp orientation tomorrow!!  

Meet our team!

  1. Allie “Trips” Bond is lower left saying “HEY” and holding a big pink purse.
  2. Rachel “Cake Pop” Boaz is just behind Allie with a perfect smile
  3. Elley “Squirrel” Arrington is the one first pumping a salmon passport pocket book
  4. Drew “Speery” Barham is middle left with his big bag of luggage.
  5. Kevin “Kendama” Ellison dancing in the back with his flat bill hat. 
  6. Staci “4G” Gore is hiding in the middle with the biggest smile on his face. 
  7. Taylor “Fanny” Priddy is peace signing in the very back. 
  8. Chase “Tea Strikes” Anderson is the tall guy in the middle with the backpack holding down his excitement. 
  9. Daniel “Doozy” LeGare is holding down the mush pot in the very middle of the group with his swoopy hair. 
  10. Hunter “H-Town” Hughes is bright blue backpack strap guy with the pillow ready for sleep. 
  11. Jared “Genre” Dietz is the guy on the far right halfway back that might be on the luggage conveyor.
  12. Mason “Pierced” Pace is the guy in the front in the gradient faded red shirt.
  13. Sara “C4” Lair is peeking out from behind Mason’s shoulder.
  14. Lori “Bugaboo” Schaefer is just so happy to have her backpack and orange pillow.
  15. Barrett “Burger King”Sims is sneaking in on the right with a thumbs up.
  16. Austin “Hunkleberry” Ferrell is at berry bottom and the one with the pleasure of taking this team selfie.

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  1. Glad to hear y’all are safe! You are in for a ton of fun with Oliver! Praying for y’all and excited for you to meet the rest of the team tomorrow!

  2. Be sure to get some dance parties in with Oliver in the van! Glad y’all are safe, praying over your time with them for orientation!! Tell Xochil hi too

  3. So fun to meet the team! Prayed this morning for your protection and for you to be the face of Jesus! Can’t wait to hear the stories:) Enjoy the warm temps!

  4. Those sweet Panamanian kids are not going to know what awaits them tomorrow….Power of the Spirit plus the energy of the Pine Cove Ranch staff plus the Love of Jesus equals pure earthly joy. Praying that they see love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control flowing from you all.

  5. Had the privilege to make the commission camping trip to Panama with Pine Cove 3 times years ago. Changed my life. Made wonderful friends there that I have gone back on my own to visit. Enjoy every minute of beautiful Panama!

  6. Hi Sweet Friends!! So happy to know ya’ll are safe and sound in Panama! I’m praying God does a work beyond your expectations! Stay safe and healthy! Everyone looks so happy…especially my Elley girl! She is in Heaven whenever she is with Pine Cove! Hugs to ALL, Momma Shelley