Hola Guatemala!

Posted Jan 4, 2018

We made it! We landed a few hours ago and so did all of our luggage! We ate dinner at McDonalds (yay cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets!) We just made it to our campsite and will get some rest tonight before campers come on the 5th. Thanks for your prayers!!

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  1. January 4th
    7:00 am

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! So super excited to see your beautiful faces (and side profiles of Mario and Will?!?🙃)

    Praying for you beautiful people!!! You are amazing!!!

    Wash your hands!
    Take your vitamins!
    Wear your sunscreen!
    Drink (clean) water!
    Say your prayers!
    Brush your teeth!
    Wear your deodorant!

    Celebrate life…. together!
    Make memories!!!!

    Smile!! Smile!! Smile!!!
    Remember…smiling can paint a message of love and kindness in any language. 😃

    Praying the great love of Jesus will fall fresh on you this day! Praying for you to experience His GREATNESS in a mighty way.

    Love you all!!!

    Aka…Momma Shea
    Aka…Karrington’s mom (Love you Punkin Doodle! 🤣)

  2. Glad you all made it in safe! Enjoy, have fun, and give those little hearts the treasure of knowing the love of our Lord!! Prayers!