Pura Vida!!

We made it safely to our destination for the week! The beautiful
country of Costa Rica was just waiting for us with much warmer
temperatures and some old friends to pick us up from the airport!

So, in keeping with Commission Camping traditions, we made our way to our first meal,
McDonalds! And you better believe it was Delicious!

Once we had filled ourselves with Big Macs and Pollo Frito, we headed
out to our campsite! When we arrived it was dark, so we prayed and
headed out to get some much needed sleep.

After a fun night of adjusting to Costa Rica’s climate and a frog
visiting Sarah’s face, we woke up and got to see our beautiful
campgrounds! It’s going to be an incredible week! Stay tuned for more
once our day of training gets underway, and for more pictures too!