As we pulled into our home for the week, Camp Tang, we were unable to see what surrounded us. We could however, see that the Lord had provided an incredible place for our team to live and serve Him during this trip. As quick as we could unload and get settled in, our team finally crashed and slept hard in our cozy bunk beds. We were more than pleasantly surprised when we were able to listen to a tropical lullaby as we drifted off.

costarica2014-01-04 10.28.47

The morning came and our team was woken by bright sunshine and the eagerness to dive into Gods word, breakfast, and our busy day. And that is exactly what we did! We were able to enjoy the morning together while we waited for our friends to arrive. We explored our campground and were stunned to see our surroundings. Camp Tang is located between beautiful mountains that provide a scenic view that seems too good to be true! We are extremely blessed to be able to stay at a place that shows off our Fathers creativity and ability so well.


While exploring, our team stumbled across a myriad of great things. We found vibrant banana trees, coconuts and other mysterious fruit (some of which was cracked and consumed), and a pair of boats, which were used to have our first Camp Tang relay race across the pond. Our teams were broken up into “Joven” and “Viejo”, Young and Old counselors. After a close race and some questionable tactics, the winner of the race remains uncertain…but not if you ask a Joven team member!

costarica2014-01-04 09.01.25

We are enjoying our morning and getting acquainted with our extraordinary surroundings while we await our training sessions for camp! Soon our partners will arrive and we will be able to spend time discussing how camp will run and what we will be doing throughout the week. Until then, we will be doing things to prepare for our future campers and will be forever working on our Spanglish, along our ability to speak to small children without sounding like a total weirdo (Sleeping Scootie quote of the day: “Muy bonito! Oooooh!”).


Until next time teammates, we could use prayers for our campers, leadership, and team as a whole. Adios!