Hola Estados Unidos!

Posted Jan 12, 2017

We’re back!!!

After much walking, checking in, customs, and delirium induced laughter, we are safely home! What a ride these last 10 days have been. 

We are so thankful for the way God has given us depth of relationship as a team in such a short time(some of us barely knew each other before this trip). God has been so abundantly kind and gracious to show us new things about Him and grow us together in the process! 

It was so sad hugging Bessy, Tito, Dahiana and David at the airport one last time before we went through security this morning. They have all impacted us deeply. We all have much to process through and to see the things God did in and through us but we are excited to get back home and continue to grow and serve where God has placed us this spring. 
Thank you to those of you who prayed with and for us on our journey! We all have a lot more to share personally and can’t wait to tell you all about our #Paragreat and unforgettable trip to Paraguay. 
Things we learned today and this week: 

1. When you leave your bag in Panama, it stays in Panama. Sorry, Austin. 

2. Life is better when you make alter egos for everyone at 2 am.

3. People don’t always speak Spanish at security check points in America no matter how many times you say “si” or “gracias” to them. 

4. Lil Leche still lives in Paraguay ?

5. Saying goodbye is much easier when you know you’ll spend eternity together. 

We’ll miss you, Paraguay, and all your bread, kind and hospitable people, and beautiful scenery! 

Until next year my friends! 

In His abundant and undeniable grace, 

Ashley “Eat It” Irvin and the Paraguay team! 

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