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Hello from the Magallon residence! Jesse, Stephen and I are currently hanging out at Pedro and Marie’s house while the rest of the team is spending time at other host homes. Everyone is staying with families from the church tonight in either 2’s or 3’s. It is a nice time of rest and friendship after a great week of camp.

Yesterday was the last full day of camp, and last night was unreal. The campers were briefed by Pedro about how he wanted the time at the beach to look.
Pedro is passionate about the Lord and about camp. We found ourselves underneath the stars listening to Pedro talk about the gospel over the periodic rolling of the waves. The moon provided enough light to make out Pedro’s silhouette as he spoke. Another part of the night we lit Chinese lanterns and watched them float away into the darkness.
Let me take another opportunity to talk about how much I love this team. Most of our meetings have included us singing songs to the Lord led by the one and only Mackenzie “Zam Zam” Thrasher. Our team has grown accustomed to singing together and I think that might be one of the things I miss the most when we leave here.

Today, we spent some time encouraging one another and preparing to leave camp. Our staff and the Panamanian staff had “Secret Friends” who encouraged us throughout the week by writing notes, giving snacks or making crafts for them. To end the week, the staff got together and revealed our Secret Friends by telling everyone ways we could see the Lord in their lives. It was a neat time of English, Spanish, and a lot of laughter. My Secret Friend was conveniently Pedro. It was a great way to end a 3 year relationship with him and his church.

The campers did a little craft to help remind them of their time here. Our program staff decided they would do the same!
Bonnie, Ilian, and their campers show off their creations to the camera. Dana was a little camera shy.

We had a little pool time today. As you can see, Stephen decided to bring his A game. Not only did we play volleyball, but we made the entire pool a gigantic whirlpool by running in the same direction. Fun game, but we were all huffing and puffing pretty quickly from physical exertion and laughter.

You have seen plenty of pictures of Mateo to this point, but I thought I would give him a little more face time today. These pictures pretty much sum up what happens when Mateo is around. Every single year he captures the hearts of Pine Cove staff and he ends up being tickled, picked up, or chased. Way to go, Mateo.



The church has come a long way concerning the staff they have to help them do camp. The first year they only had one person on program staff to help them. This year, they had nearly fifteen people on support staff in addition to the counselors, and they were missing a few people due to unavoidable circumstances. Praise God!


Pedro proudly sports his Pine Cove gear. We have had a blast reminiscing on initial impressions of one another and how those impressions have morphed into the relationship that exists today. I’m thankful for my Panamanian brother and look forward to being his friend for a long time.

Most everyone who was involved with administering, programming, and serving at PIBA’s Campamento 2014 is pictured here. What an unbelievable experience the team and I were able to experience with our Panamanian friends. We don’t deserve experiences like these, but we’re afforded them by the grace of God.

Tomorrow we are going to have breakfast at our host homes, eat lunch at the seminary and then head to the party to celebrate the three year partnership between PIBA Communidad and Pine Cove. The details in beetween are TBA, but I’m sure the team and I will think of something.

Make sure to leave your comments below! We love reading them aloud. It’s our favorite. Until tomorrow, friends!