Time has finally arrived, we are almost ready to take off and head to Nicaragua! Our team has worked hard all fall to fundraise and plan for this trip and we are praying for big things to happen in our lives and the lives of those that we will come in contact with.

Trip Schedule:
Jan 2 Orientation in Dallas
Jan 3 Travel to Nicaragua
Jan 4 Orientation with locals
Jan 5-10 Camp
Jan 11 Sightseeing and tourism
Jan 12 Travel back to US

Flight information:
Flights to Nicaragua
Departing Jan 3: Delta 1954
Dallas/Fort Worth Departing at 7:00AM
Atlanta Arriving at 10:08AM

Departing Jan 3: Delta 314
Atlanta Departing at 11:00AM
Managua Nic Arriving at 1:56PM

Flights to Dallas
Departing Jan 12: Delta 370
Managua Nic Departing 8:45AM
Atlanta Arriving 1:28PM

Departing Jan 12: Delta 2268
Atlanta Departing 7:10PM
Dallas/Fort Worth Arriving 8:35PM

Thanks for following along with us on this journey! Please keep us in your prayers and remember to check back here for updates! We will post each day of our trip, though they may be short as reception and Internet availability may be scarce.