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Posted Jan 13, 2018

We just landed and made it back safely in the US! Thanks for your prayers! While sitting in the airport I asked our staffers to write a little bit about what they learned over the past ten days and here is what s few of them had to say:

I’ve learned that the Gospel transcends language and race boundaries. That Jesus is the ultimate reconciler, and joy and love is produced in abundance in his presence. Guatemala will forever be on my heart -Erik

During my time in Guatemala this year I was reminded of the joy of living with Jesus and the overwhelming power of His love. -Emmie

Once we landed in Guatemala I was anxious considering I couldn’t speak any Spanish. At first this really brought out my introverted self, causing me to shy away from having any conversations with the Guatemalans. But I was quickly reminded that the Gospel doesn’t have a language barrier! I was able to share Christ’s love through my actions, smile, and prayers. So many times I found myself praying for the campers and the people of Guatemala, because I couldn’t use my words to communicate with those around me. This was another great reminder that we can pray literally anytime and anywhere! -Karrington

The gospel transcends our limitation of language. Guatemala is never quiet, partly because there is always a dog barking, but mostly because the Guatemalan people share love and the gospel with incredible fervor. The beauty of Guatemala is found in its creation and in its people. -Loren

This trip I was able to witness God throughout creation. In Romans 1:19 it talks about how we can see and witness God throughout creation… and that became true to me this week. I also learned the need of not only praying to the Lord but actually opening my ears to hear the answer and trusting Jesus completely. -Mckenna

This trip changed my life completely. I learned that the gospel is unifying. I learned how to love the Lord passionately and let that wash over every single one of the relationships I have with others. But the simple most important thing I learned is that I don’t deserve the life I am given, yet the Lord has extended His grace and given to me, and I want to live the rest of my life fully devoted to Him, pase lo que pase. -Amy

This trip, the Lord has tenderly humbled me. I was in constant awe watching the Guatemalan counselors serve & give so selflessly. Through them, Jesus taught me not only how to love earnestly, but what it looks like to truly delight in giving – the way He delights in giving to us. -Allye

Guatemala will always have a special place in my heart. Not only is it a beautiful country, but the people we met there are among the most selfless, loving and kind people I have ever met. The way they serve the lord and consistently put others first truly set an example for me and blessed me in so many ways. So glad I guate to go! -Arlin

The heart of worship is evident and wild within the folks of Guatemala. Receiving the experience of being constantly and fervently consumed by the love of Christ was beautiful and uplifting to say the least. I am honored and proud to have served side by side with hearts such as these. Jesus is on the move. -Grant

This trip was incredible, and I absolutely LOVE the culture in Central America. I get to see the generosity of God in every single individual that I meet because of the reverence and respect they have for God. Also, I got to learn a deeper meaning of the phrase “it’s not about me” because there were many moments where the only thing I could contribute is my presence and my smile which so often is hard for me to not do something. God is so kind, and he taught me what it looks like to simply be and pray. I got to learn that it’s simply enough to be a part of his story and play the part he is calling me to in the moment. And it was so incredible. -Ashley

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