Heading Out

Posted Jan 10, 2016

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Today we went to visit an area of Asuncion affected by the flooding
of the river. A good number of our campers actually lived in the area
and have been living in a shelter since some time last year.

It was truly heart breaking to see the damage all the rain has done.
We took a ride through the neighborhood in a boat and the water was up
to the top of most door frames.

Next we headed to a celebratory lunch with all our staff from the week
at a Brazilian steak house which was YUM. We all ate and ate and ate
and shared lots of fellowship with our Latin American friends.
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to several of them this afternoon
and not without a few tears.

IMG_2815 IMG_2817
Then we saw the presidents house and walked along the river to see
some sights in Asuncion. We have loved spending time together as a
team with some of our national team. We are all so thankful for the
time we’ve shared here and most importantly that we all serve the same
mighty God who loves us so deeply. We are starting to process our
experience and are so excited to share our personal stories with our
friends and families.


We are headed to the airport as this posts! Pray for safe travels as
we slowly make our way back to the U.S.


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