Headed to Camp

Posted Jan 4, 2016

Our first night was very chill! We left the airport and headed to the mission house where we stayed in San Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador. 

Our plane landed at about 3 and we hadn’t eaten lunch yet. So we asked the leader that picked us up to grab something to eat.  So where did we stop you ask? Well Wendy’s of course haha. 

Then we drove through the city to arrive at our house for the night. It was fun to see some of the sights and sounds of the country we will be in for a little over a week. 

Once we got to the mission house we were told that we just get to hang out and get to know each other. So we grabbed our hammocks, a soccer ball, and played in the courtyard until dinner. It was so great to do that as a group after a very long day of traveling. 

This morning we are heading to camp! Today will be full of meeting the national staff and doing training with everyone. 

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  1. Looking good…Austin Murray! So funny to his face like that in all his pictures. I would expect nothing less from that knuckle head!

    Can’t wait to hear more and see those kiddos!