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Hard to Say Goodbye

Posted Jan 11, 2018


Yesterday was the final day of camp and we were forced to send all of the kids home. Many of them made it very clear that they DID NOT want camp to end because they had so much fun. However, it was very fun for them to show their families all of our dances during closing celebration! We will miss the niños but it was such an incredible experience.

With the kids gone, it has turned into a time for us to party with our fellow counselors (both USA and Panama). We went swimming in the most beautiful river where we were able to play some game (we think it was water polo) that we understood the majority of the rules. When stuff like that happens we just enjoy the company of our new friends. It’s crazy to think we have only known them for such a short time because they feel like our family. They might be the most hospitable people on the face of the earth.

Today is our day for tourism where we are driving through the mountains, visiting various shops, and will finally end up at the beach! Then it will be time for us to leave and come back home (*tears).

Pray for an encouraging celebration that we can all remember and that we can continue to serve one another even without campers being present!


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  1. We are excited to have you all back in the states! So thankful you had this incredible experience to build upon in your faith Journeys!! God is Good!! Safe travels Pine Cove’rs!! ❤️🙏❤️