We’ve reached our half-way point in the trip.  Crazy to think about how long ago that it feels like we left, and how fast the trip has felt at times.  I’d also like to apologize for my English right now, speaking in Spanish all day long has caused my English to suffer.  Hilarious.

Praise God for an incredible first session of camp.  Close to 30 kids are now walking with Jesus after this camp.  What an incredible thing for God to let us be a part of!

My wife has been taking pictures, and I wish I could upload more at a time, but my internet isn’t the fastest down here so each picture takes a little bit to upload.  But we just decided for this post to show you some pictures of the first session of camp!  We hope you enjoy.

***NOTE: couldn’t get many pics to actually upload, I’ll put the rest on here tomorrow if I can get the internet to work better!***

Just an update of what we will be doing before our next camp:

We returned to the City today and are back at the church where we started, we will be staying tonight and tomorrow night.  Tomorrow in the morning we are going downtown to the capital and after that to Antigua.  Antigua is the original capital of Guatemala, but was destroyed by a volcano…similar to Pompeii, but not exactly the same.  Now it’s a cool little historic town.  We’ll eat lunch there, walk around as a group and do some shopping in the market.  It’s beautiful there.

After touring, we’ll head back to the church in the evening, hang out and get some good rest.  Then on Thursday we will head back to the beach for our second session of camp with the older kids!  Much fun awaits, look forward to more updates and more pictures!