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Posted Jan 7, 2016

We are just about wrapping up the first session of camp here in El Salvador and one thing that has really stood out to me over the last few days. That is just the Lord’s consistency. Being on a Camp in the City team you have to get used to the consistency in the inconsistency that is camp. We are going to different states, cities, and churches with each place having its own feel, culture, and challenges on a weekly basis. But no matter where you went the goal of camp never changed: to show the kids and people at the church what the love of God looks like.

That feel and goal has not changed in the slightest even in a completely different culture. The campers still look up to their Counselors with admiration, the camp cheers are still loud and crazy, and most importantly the message of God is still exactly the same and being taught with passion by each leader.

Since my role here is in the background more than other people, I have been able to watch how each of the staffers from the States and El Salvador have not used the excuse of a language barrier to come between the relationship they are building with each other and their cabins. Everyone is dancing together, cheering together, and playing games together (even though they are a lot better at soccer than us). There are countless stories of a local camper willingly translating what one of the American staffers is saying to make sure everybody is involved in the activities and lessons.

There are also often times when we from back home have no idea what is going to happen next or what’s being said but it doesn’t take long for everyone to jump into the chaos and have fun. It was strange at first to not know what was going on but honestly camp is camp. This platform, no matter in what language or location, is a great tool for spreading the Gospel if it’s in a multi-campus Church in Georgia or in the mountains of El Salvador. Our God is not a one country or one language God. He is the same, always and forever. No matter where we go the Gospel is the same and just as amazing. 

Taylor Lahey 

Ps. I promise I’m working but sometimes you gotta just get some sun!

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  1. Taylor, you are such an amazing young adult. It is a wonder to watch God work through you. We look forward to seeing what he has in store for you.