Guest Blog 2

Posted Jan 9, 2016

Wow what a whirlwind these last couple of days have been. The first session of camp has come and gone, but the sweet relationships that were built are close to our hearts. My co counselor, Pame, and the girls in my cabin were very patient with me because my espanol is no bueno!
Our communication tactic consisted mostly of charades , which is always fun. Occasionally I would attempt some espanol but the phrase that became my best friend was “come se dice?” Go figure. 
But for real with all my terrible Spanish aside, it was cool to see how much my co and girls cared for me spiritually. In the states, reflection time usually consists of the counselors asking the kids what they learned from the day and what the Lord taught them through bible study, activities, and meals. But here in El Salvador, it was so humbling to have my 12 year olds asking ME what the Lord was teaching me while I’m here and what are some things I need to cut out of my life to pursue him with all of my heart. Such in depth and intentional questions from five 12 year olds. Am I right? Man, I’m so thankful the Lord gave me some time with sweet Rebeca, Abi, Maria Fernanda, Nicole, and Sara. Chamanekas for life.

 Lauren Cunningham

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  1. Praying for another great camp session! Love hearing all about the trip – and getting to see pictures too! Thanks for sharing your time and your hearts with the people in El Salvador and with us at home as well!