Pulling a switch-er-roo! This post is written by me, Peter “Rufio” Mckinney and I have served as the program director for this trip! There are too many thoughts to sift through, so I will start with the purpose of this post. My experience in Costa Rica. Let me take you back a year ago where I was a counselor on this same trip. In my cabin was a boy named Randy. Randy made me a bracelet and that bracelet survived the chaos known as 2014, which is quite impressive considering it involved 11 weeks of camp. I was hoping for the opportunity to see just one of my boys from last year and sure enough, Randy runs off the bus and hugs me. This was no ordinary hug, this was a year long anticipated embrace. That is how this session started. The Lord truly desires to bless his children and that was a moment I will never forget. We are not promised to see the fruits of our labor so it’s moments like these that I have to step back and praise God! I mean goodness gracious, we have the chance to do the mission of Christ with friends who have become family due to our common bond. I could talk about how I am blown away with our “Tico” leaders and their ability to run camp, or how it is humbling to see the Lord use scheduled games and activities to create friendships and memories, but there is really only one thing that I can think to impose with you who have supported us. The Lord is God, he is beyond all measure! I can not express into words how wonderful it has been to be included in his great adventure here in Costa Rica. Thank you for your prayers and comments! They encourage us every night before bed!

There will be another post later today with a full update of yesterday and today so stay tuned!

With Love,


P.S. Randy made me another bracelet this year. I’m praying for a third!