This afternoon we had a sweet and tearful goodbye. After lunch the campers had some time to reflect on what they’ve learned at camp with their cabins and then had share time all together. The campers shared about having their treasure in heaven because Jesus can protect it for them. They learned that having treasure on earth is not eternal or satisfying. A few shared the importance of teams and working together because trying to fix things or do anything alone was useless. One girl learned that our salvation cost Jesus’ blood on the cross. After the campers shared what they had learned this week they asked our team to stand in the front and many of the campers took turns thanking us for coming to spend time with them and share the love of Jesus with them.


After share time there were lots of hugs and tears and then some more hugs. To leave on a happy note knowing that we’ll see each other again one day, we ended camp with one last crazy dance party! Check out some pictures below of some of our staff and adorable campers this past session.

For now, we’re on the bus with our national staff. We’ll drop them off at their two church sites and then be off to the hostel ourselves. We are so blessed by our time here and have enjoyed sharing it with you! In just a few short posts, we’ll be back home, we’re not done just yet!