Hola !! 
I’m still in awe of the way the Lord broke down barriers this week. Despite cultural differences and all the hilarious mis translations of language, we have built relationships in Panama that will truly have an impact on our hearts forever. 
The last day of camp was very bittersweet!! The day started out with breakfast and bible study but as it lingered towards the end of camp, the sadness set in. Tears began to flood every campers’ and counselors’ face as we said our goodbyes. 

One of the sweetest moments that I (Morgan) will cherish forever is when one of the Panamanian leaders was praying over all of us and in the midst of the prayer the campers ran towards their counselor and squeezed us tight. As I was standing there I could hear the weeping and feel the sadness in our hearts in that moment. It was such a cool reminder that love is enough, God is enough. 

I still can’t grasp the relationships that were made simply because we shared so few words with one another but love and laughter filled this camp from the moment we woke up until our heads hit the pillow at night. We are so thankful for a great week of camp and for the Lord working in powerful ways! 

We can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and explore more of Panama!!!! 

Los vemos pronto amigos y familia!

– Morgan Morales