Hola my friends! Phillip “Smash” White here, writing to you from a place far from home. I have the privilege to write for the blog tonight and I promise I’ll try my best to make the read somewhat bearable.

This is now our fourth full day here in the beautiful Dominican Republic and the last day for our campers.

We began the day with our quiet time with The Lord. With the picturesque mountains in the background, one could not ask for a better place to observe God’s wonderment. Back home we have so many distractions that take our focus away from Him, but here His magnificent creations are in plain sight and all distractions fade into nothingness.

After that, it was a full day of bible study, dancing, activity classes, dancing, lunch, hugs and goodbyes and ultimately more dancing!
Before the campers left this afternoon, we had a chance to pray one last time with our cabin.
Unfortunately I don’t speak any Spanish, I struggle enough speaking coherent English. Not being able to comprehend even the most basic of instructions sometimes leads to me feeling overwhelmed and even frustrated. However, in that prayer circle, while embraced in the arms of my brothers in Christ, I truly realized for the first time on this trip that God’s love transcends all barriers, even different cultures and languages. God’s love is constantly evident here at this camp. Not only in the hearts of the full time staff here at Cima de Rey, but in the hearts of the campers. Whether it be the campers plugging deep into God’s word during bible study, or praising his awesomeness during worship, God is present here. He is doing such wonderful work here in the Dominican Republic and it is a great honor to witness it firsthand.

After the campers left, we as a Pine Cove staff were able to finally exhale and relax. It was a much needed break, a chance to stop running around and take a minute to rest. And most importantly, it was a time to engage in fellowship with one another. A time for we, as a staff, to just plug into each other’s lives and be a listening ear, or to give a kind word. A trip like this can be draining, not only physically and mentally but even spiritually. But our hearts are refreshed through God’s continual love and the people He puts in our lives. The pine cove staff here is such a great source of comfort, it’s a blessing to be a part of it and have them constantly pouring encouragement into my life.

Well, it’s about that time. Tomorrow is going to be our tourism day and the beach is calling. God is great and he is always showing his love through others, and that can never be lost in the translation.20140107-223926.jpg20140107-223941.jpg20140107-223952.jpg