Last full day of camp! Our time together with the campers is coming to an end and we’ve enjoyed every bit of time with them. More and more campers are coming out of their shells and bible study continues to be such a fruitful time with them. Our program staff girls are also hoping into the kitchen and helping with meal preps with the talented and hospitable kitchen staff. I have heard a couple of our counselors say today that they don’t want to leave this place, and I agree! The intentionality of our Latin American partners are welcoming and almost like family, so who would want to leave that? We are looking forward to spending some more time with just the staff on our fun tourist day!

For lunch today we went down to the river and had a picnic! They know how to do picnics here! We made our own burritos and wrapped them in aluminum foil and then cooked them over the fire. It was right next to the river and there were so many times during the meal that I just observed the beautiful creation around me. Our staff like to refer to that area as “the jungle”. So basically we ate lunch in the jungle, and it was awesome!

At dinner we celebrated 2 birthdays! One girl celebrated her 15th birthday and another celebrated her 16th birthday. There were photo booth props, cake, and dances! We ended up dancing after dinner for an hour! We did the Pine Cove dances that we taught them at the beginning of the week and they hopped right in and knew them well! We all broke a sweat and had a lot of laughs and maybe a few dance offs!

I am abundantly grateful for the staff that is on this trip. They are all full of joy and are always willing to hop in with not a lot of knowledge as to what is happening. As a leader, that’s a huge blessing.

I am praising the Lord tonight for the fact that he is a great God who knows no bounds. He speaks all languages and pursues the hearts of His children. Will you join me in praising God for who is and what He is doing today in the lives of everyone in the lives. There is something that out translator, Merlana, and I have been saying this week when something goes wrong or not as planned, “you know what, God is still good.” Yes! God is still good, in the midst of all circumstances, God is good and it is better to be with Him over anything else! Amen, and amen!

Bless the Lord!