The kids are getting their fill of Bible Study right now. The Bible Study is called “God is First” and it the same as last session. We are trying to teach the campers that God should come first in your life.

There was a skit before they went to Bible Study where Garret was a little boy. He approached a table and Belen and Jorge (national staffers) popped up with a choice. Choose the Bible or choose a soccer ball to play with. He chose the soccer ball. Next he chose to play Candy Crush on the phone over the Bible. Then he chose to take a nap instead of the Bible. Last he went to go choose the Bible over toilet paper and the bathroom. Then he stopped, grabbed the toilet paper and ran out of the room shouting “baño baño!” It was a funny way to get the kids excited about the Bible Study and see that this boy didn’t choose God first.

The kids are learning from their Pine Cove counselor but also from the El Salvadorian staff maybe even more. These kids have come from multiple churches and we never know how much they know about God or if they’ve heard of Him before. We try to take each opportunity to teach them about God. Showing them that God should be first in their life over games, friends, family, sports, food, or whatever it is. This is because God commands us to do this, as he is the one that created our life. He deserves our attention and we want to instill that in all of the kids.