I absolutely love the perspective that I get to have on this trip. I am one of the leaders of the trip which means I get to watch our counselors grow as they are challenged to show the love and joy of Christ to their campers even in the midst of a language barrier. As we met last night as a Pine Cove staff we began to share about what we are loving about the trip, learning, and struggling with. A lot of the counselors could relate to Matt expressing that he felt like a burden. They feel like they are getting in the way and holding their cabin back because they feel like they don’t have much to offer. Well, I respectfully disagree. I see each counselor and our two program staff girls developing relationships and building relationships with Christ as the foundation. Kadri mentioned to the group that it was hard to talk to one of his campers about what they like because neither one can speak the other’s language. However, his camper then expressed: “I like Jesus” and Kadri then replied with: “Man, me too!” People, it’s conversations like these that are happening all over camp! Simple joys of the campers joking with their American counselor and brining them in that gives our counselors access to love them well and show them Jesus.

Tonight we had our first club session of the week and it was powerful. Barrett talked about “Camp is God’s idea to remove distraction so that we can hear Him”. Barrett used this by talking about the Exodus. A lot of the campers hadn’t heard this story nor had they heard this concept of God’s character.
Please be praying for the campers as they process this information and apply it to their lives. Please pray for our counselors that they would find their identity in the Lord and not how much they can speak Spanish.

Funny story of the day: Each cabin had to make a cheer about the food we were having for dinner and perform it for the kitchen staff before they could grab their food. Some of the cheers were very original and very funny!!

Hasta Luego!