This morning we had our first cabin Bible studies:

We played a game called “Bean Ball” in which an individual is called from each of the 4 teams. Then those 4 individuals compete in front of everyone else. Every kid had 2 turns. It was really fun and everyone was really into it!

After the game was over, our local contact, Tuty, came to tell me some stories. She said there is a girl that said she feels like a loser and thatno one likes her. And then today, she won both of the times she played and the whole team was cheering her on and she felt so special and was smiling ear-to-ear. 

Another little girl cried when she got out of the game. Then one of our counselors took her in her lap and then had the little girl help her with a small task. After that, little girl went back into the game and got out again. Only this time, she went back to her team and cheered on everyone else.

This game and the outcomes were a great way to explain to the local team that we incorporate fun into everything because it breaks down walls and allows these opportunities into hearts. Yes, we love to have fun, but it also serves a purpose!

This morning was a great reminder for us that although we don’t speak the language, we are still being used by God. He is allowing us to reach them without words. And for that, we are grateful.

Oh, and then all of camp went swimming!


  Signing out,

Your El Salvadorian swim team