Fun in the Sun! Our first full day in Costa Rica was a blast!

Posted Jan 4, 2018

Hello to all our friends back in the USA!

WOW today was a blast! We hopped on the bus at 6am this morning ready for our first day experiencing the city! Our Costa Rican friends know good music, SO we had a small jam session on the way to breakfast to Earth, Wind & Fire’s hit “September”! It’s possibly one of my favorite moments of all time in Latin America so here’s a little clip for y’all to enjoy:

After an epic and very fun bus ride, we ate breakfast at a restaurant that served typical Costa Rican food. It was amazing! Most of their breakfast dishes are served with Gallo Pinto, which is a mixture of rice and beans. We decided to go all in and most everyone got a version of Gallo Pinto and eggs for breakfast! And don’t forget the coffee! Pictured below: Gallo Pinto, fresh tortillas, coffee, and huevos rancheros!!After our Costa Rican breakfast feast, we got back on the bus and headed to our first destination- the beach!!! We visited Playa Jacó, which as you will see from the pictures below, is a gorgeous black sand beach. The black sand is from the volcanic ash in the region! We played all day in the ocean and in the pool. It was so fun to get to see the ocean, appreciate the warm weather, and bond with our Costa Rican staff who were hanging there with us!We ended our time at the beach with a pizza lunch (always a crowd pleaser) and then headed into town for a little picture taking adventure! There is a beautiful overlook of the highway that we stopped at. It allows you to have an incredible view of the coast and the Pacific Ocean!

There was also this really fun statue that spelled out the city’s name so of course we had to take pictures! We got one picture with our Pine Cove team and then one with the whole staff (both Costa Rican and American).

After our picture taking fun, we headed into town and got some ice cream from a local store called Pops which was delicious! We then hopped on the bus back home, stopped for a quick dinner, and are now back safe at our campsite ready for tomorrow’s adventures in San Jose!

We can’t wait to update y’all about what tomorrow has in store and keep praying for unity between us and our Costa Rican staff! Communication has been great so far but we always want to make sure we are caring for them well while we are here!

Also, we love seeing your comments on the blog so keep ’em coming!!

Until tomorrow, ¡Buenos Noches!

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  1. My favorite part about this update was all the food mentioned!! Glad non-camp food is treating y’all well!! But seriously, thank you all for giving part of your break to further the gospel! Praying that the Lord will bless the remainder of your trip. Love y’all!
    Madison “Twinny Pig” Gillis 💕