Today was a full day of Orientation for us.  Our Guatemalan team met up with us at the Church after breakfast.  They cast vision for what they’d like camp to look like for a little while.

After lunch we had an epic soccer game.  USA vs Gautemala, and in this World Cup, we failed to take home the gold, but I’ve gotta say that I’m proud of my guys.  🙂  It was super fun to get out and run in this beautiful weather.

They fixed us a traditional Guatemalan meal for dinner and it was delicious!  I think mealtimes here are incredible.  They can last for hours if you don’t watch the clock.  And we rarely watch the clock.  Everyone eats.  Then everyone eats again.  Then they bring out the horchata, and then they bring out the coffee.  It’s incredible.

Davis, Caroline, myself, and our two program directors from Guatemala sat down after dinner and had a good time planning the next few days of camp out!  We are so excited to have our kids come tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a big day!  Continue to pray for energy and continued health (everyone is doing great!) and most importantly for God to work in whatever ways He sees fit through this trip.

With a grateful heart,