The long awaited day of January 2nd finally arose as seventeen individuals from all over the country gathered in Dallas, Texas. Our team was able to meet together last night and it was such a sweet time! After months of only communicating via FaceBook and texting, we finally put faces to names and clumsily tried to remember them. We spent the evening with the entire body of Pine Cove Commission Camping staff members who are being sent out across the globe with the common goal of glorifying and proclaiming the name of Jesus. After a few short hours we had been able to fellowship together, experience a Latin American culture orientation together, and worship the Lord together, which was absolutely breathtaking.  With different teams coming and going at all hours of the night, and ours having to be ready by 7:15, everyone was lacking on sleep. Which proved to be extremely ironic, due to the fact that upon arrival at the air port we were told that our flight was CANCELED.



Not delayed due to weather or pushed back, but canceled. But hey, “flexibility!”, right? Right! It was amazing to see how the Lord provided for our group this morning as he allowed us to catch our flight at a different air port in Dallas only a few hours later, saving us the four hour drive from Dallas to Houston.


Our team was able to spend a TON of time together, and we decided to break down barriers quickly with nothing other than an Ugly Selfie War. Nothing says, “I trust you and I assume that we will be great friends” better than a picture of your ugliest possible face. We have decided to share some results of this war with our beloved friends and family, but please be prepared for what you are about to see..they don’t call it an Ugly Selfie War for nothing!






Now we are waiting to board our 5:45 flight to Liberia, Costa Rica and we are all so eager and so excited. The wait has been fun and wonderful, but our team is anxious and itching to arrive at the place that the Lord has called us to go and serve over the next few days. We can’t wait to experience this journey together and see how our God will work. We are so thrilled to be able to share this experience with you guys! We would love if you would be a part of our team by praying for us as we finally start our adventure! Over and out, USA.