Our first full day in Nicaragua has almost come to a close, and it has been jam-packed with games, planning, meetings, and lots of food! As a Pine Cove team, we met separately this morning to go over last minute details, then after lunch we joined up with the entire team to go through sessions that will unite us and allow us to minister to the campers more effectively.

Even though language can be a barrier, God has been gracious and blessed us with a fantastic translator as well as fun activities that bring us all together! Spike Ball, soccer, and frisbee kept us all active and laughing throughout the day. Another fun thing that we got to teach our Nicaraguan co-counselors…”The Wobble” dance! Nothing breaks down walls and translates better than doing the Bernie!!

We can hardly believe it, but tomorrow morning, this camp will be filled with campers! With a few more preparations and lots of prayer, we will be ready for the week of camp!

It has been a blessing to us as we read your comments and know that you all are in prayer for us. Keep ’em coming! More updates tomorrow!