First Day Underway!

Posted Jan 5, 2016

There was only one proper way to wake up this morning:

After the most beautiful sunrise we’ve ever seen, we ate an early breakfast and got camp decorated like a pirate ship! After putting out a few *metaphorical* fires, we were ready for campers! Then we put out a few more *metaphorical* fires. And before we knew it, we were up to our elbows in lessons about flexibility! 🙂 but what would this trip be without a few of those kind of lessons?!

The campers came in and they are having a great time. Everyone is leaning English and Spanish and communicating the best they can. So far, so good. Campers are currently at their activity classes! 

Despite the language barrier and all the unknowns, we are confident that The Lord is in control and we have watched him answer so many of our prayers. Drake shared what he was learning today and reminded us all that our biggest prayer in life should always be for more salvations. So, that is our prayer above our comfort or anything else–that kids would experience and know Jesus this week!

Signing out,

Your El Salvador pirates 

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  1. ARRRRGGGGG, sounds like you’re having a good time Mateys.

    So cool. Praying Drake’s prayer over your camp now!

  2. It is exciting to hear of your work in El Salvador, and how diligent the team has been in overcoming obstacles and metaphorical fires!

    Ezra 5:8 “…The work is being carried on with diligence and is making rapid progress under their direction.”

    Laura Scherer