Today has been a whirlwind of excitement and fun! We began today with a time together reflecting on the closing of the holiday season and sharing what this past fall looked like for each person on our team. Verbal processing with a group such as this allows the freedom to be honest about the condition of our hearts coming into this trip and it also gives a great avenue to hear stories of how God moved this past fall.

Next, we met the Guatemalan staff who have been a joy to work along side! Most of the Guatemalan staff have given up this week of work to take vacation and serve at camp. ISN’T THAT AWESOME?!? They gave up their only free time to come and share the gospel with these high schoolers.

With the team trained and camp ready, there was only one thing left to do, OPEN THOSE GATES! We saw over 30 campers come through today’s gauntlet full of cheering, yelling, and the occasional funky dance move. We have began fun group games and you can already see the smiles all over both the staff and campers faces. We’ve even had our first cabin Bible Study! The rest of the night consists of dinner, CLUB (worship), and a fun night game of Gold Rush (PC classic) to wrap up the evening.

Keep us in your prayers as we continue to try and coordinate this crazy thing called camp. Pray for our Guatemalan staff as they lead the Bible Studies. Pray for strength. Pray that ultimately everything we do would point to Jesus Christ and that God would receive all the glory for the might work He is doing in this place.


Well I think I just heard the dinner bell ring, so until next time……….AUDIOS!