Mission Trips



Posted Jan 14, 2017

Our trip to Peru was really great,But we are all glad to be back in our home state.

We talked about Jesus and learned a ton,

During the trip we even had lots of fun.

It took us a while to make our trip back,

A little over 60 hours to be exact.

We split into 4 groups to make it home,
For all around Peru we did roam,

Our trip home started with a flight that didn’t exist,
So naturally we had to take a risk.

We decided to head to Cuzco in hope for more flights,

And low and behold all we got was more bug bites.

After all types of transportation and long lines,

We all made it safely to the US which is a good sign.

Thanks for following our blog again this year,

Ask some of our staff there are lots more stories to hear.

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  1. YAY! So happy to have you guys all home!! Thanks TJ Connor for this poem- loved it!!

    I’ve loved hearing even more stories about your trip as you’ve been home- seems like it has been so so great. Love hearing how the Lord is working in your hearts and how He is moving around the world!

  2. Well, what can I say,
    It was quite a stay!
    Oh the stories you can tell,
    Maybe write a book to sell!
    But don’t forget at the end of the day,
    All the lives you did touch, that I can say!
    Though it didn’t end exactly as you planned,
    We weren’t for a second out of God’s hand.
    So don’t for a second be sad or blue,
    Just know that God was (and is) doing a work through you!
    I know it’s time,
    To end this rhyme,
    But wanted to say,
    If I may,
    Hope you get plenty of rest,
    And I wish you all God’s very best!

  3. I’m not surprised that TJ ended the trip with a rhyme..
    It is something he does almost all of the time.
    Then Tracy ( his sister) wrote a poem of her own
    I know that like me we are glad that your home.
    Your blogs and your stories were very well done.
    It’s seems that you all had a great time and lots of fun.
    You changed many lives and that I am sure.
    Doing what you do best with the children you adore.
    You are all very good at the things that you do.
    Just look at the young people’s lives you changed in Peru.

    Thanks for doing what you do, TJ’s dad.